Mark vii Lending products (Tax Come back Planning Support, Duty Service within Nampa, ID Handle, Phone, Hrs, and Services)

Mark vii Lending products (Tax Come back Planning Support, Duty Service within Nampa, ID Handle, Phone, Hrs, and Services)

1985 November The first heart transplant is performed on a baby, the operation is performed by Dr. Leonard Bailey of Loma Linda University. 1987 March 6 The first Adventist World Radio’s program is broadcast from Guam. Charles Bradford ADRA 8

Desmond Ford 1988 1994 1989 October The “Global Mission” plan is launched, an initiative that aims to install strong churches and congregations in all areas of the world without the presence of the gospel. 1990 Loma Linda University launches the world’s only Proton Beam Accelerator therapy to treat cancer. 1990 July 5 The Eurasian Division is established, beginning a comprehensive Adventist organizing plan in the former Soviet Union. 1991 October The Union of South Africa is formed by grouping blacks and whites into a single organization, not like it was before. 1992 April 8 After the collapse of communism in the world, in Albania, one of the few self-declared atheist countries, the first group of believers is baptized in Tirana, the capital. 1993 June In Russia, the Zaokski TheoLogical Seminary of the Eurasian Division graduated its first pastors. 1993 In China during 1993 a congregation led by two local leaders achieved the second record of baptisms in the history of the Church, baptizing 4,415 new believers. 9

1994 The Three Angels Broadcasting Network television channel celebrates its 10th anniversary of the beginning of its satellite television ministry. 1994 November The United States Congress includes three Adventists, one of them a woman from Texas. 1995 Feb 18 Using the Adventist Communication Network, the church in North America launches Net’95, the first satellite evangelism plan initiative to reach 100,000 viewers in 676 locations. 1995 At the GA Congress in Utrecht, the Netherlands a vote is taken to change the constitution and statutes in order to reorganize the demographics of delegates to future sessions. It is intended to give more participation. 1997 A new Logo is created to identify the church. 1998 October 9 First Adventist evangelistic campaign begins worldwide, via satellite, RED `98 (Net 98) estimated at 6,700 reception sites around the world receiving Dwight Nelson’s presentations from Pioneer Memorial Church. 1999 Pr. Robert Folkenberg resigns from the leadership of the World Church, the first president in the world to resign from this function for non-medical reasons. 1999 Pr. Jean Paulsen, the first European to hold this position, is elected as president of the Adventist World Church. eleven

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