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The easiest was to explain the use of the word “Personal” with regards to loans, is that the money which is borrowed is to be used for your own Personal reasons. If a loan is taken out in order to Finance the cost of a home, that is a Mortgage. If the reason for the loan is to help expansion of a Business, that is called a Business Loan. If you are taking out a loan to fund something that will be for your own Personal use, or to help with your Personal problems (Debt Consolidation, etc), then that is a Personal loan.

Personal Loans can be used for any purpose, including making Home Improvements, Buying A Car, or taking a Holiday. One of the most popular reason for taking out a Personal Loan is to Consolidate Debts. This involves getting a loan enough to pay off your other loans and credit card debts. The lending is normally arranged with provision for payment over a longer period than normal, which allows for smaller monthly payments than the total monthly payments on your previous debts. Sometimes, people will take out a debt consolidation for more than the debts they are paying off, in order to use some moeny to pay towards a car or some home improvements. Apply Online for a Personal Loan.
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